The Utilities

A global alliance of energy utilities.

The energy market has seen rapid changes in recent years with the rise of renewables, decentralization of the energy system, regulatory uncertainties and disruptive new technologies.

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Origin Energy
Energias de Portugal (EDP)
Electricity Supply Board (ESB)
American Electric Power

Better together – agile with the benefits of scale

Startups may have agility, fresh ideas and cutting-edge knowledge, but not necessarily the experience and resources to build, test and deploy their solutions economically or at scale. By partnering, both startups and utilities can complement each other and create mutually beneficial outcomes/solutions.


A league of global energy utilities

The leading energy utility partners are leaders in the clean energy transition. A bit about us:

Million customers
Billion USD in revenue generated
KM of transmission and distribution lines
GW of owned and contracted capacity

About the Utilities

American Electric Power

American Electric Power, based in Columbus, Ohio, is focused on finding and validating future deployable innovative technologies, and business models particularly related to the distribution grid.  AEP’s focus areas of advanced data platforms, advanced clean energy to reduce AEP’s total carbon emissions, and advanced small scale distributed energy will help enhance efficiency and to provide reliable customized energy solutions to its more than 5 million customers in over 30 states in the US. AEP’s approximately 17,000 employees operate and maintain the nation’s largest electricity transmission system and more than 221,000 miles of distribution lines. AEP plans to invest 37 billion USD in the next 5 years to modernize its transmission and distribution grids, implement new technologies to benefit customers and add more renewable energy to its generation portfolio. AEP is also one of the largest electricity producers in the US with approximately 30,000 MW of diverse generating capacity including more than 5,300 MW of renewable energy.

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Chris Johnson

Managing Director, Enterprise Innovation and Technology

Tony Spath

Innovation & Business Development Leader


CLP was founded in Hong Kong in 1901, at a time when electricity was still a novelty worldwide. Today we power millions of homes and businesses across the Asia Pacific regions. In Hong Kong, we operate a vertically-integrated electricity supply business providing a highly-reliable supply of electricity to 80% of the city’s population. Outside Hong Kong, we invest in the energy sector in Mainland China, India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Australia. Our business includes power generation, transmission and distribution, and electricity and gas retail activities. Our goal is to meet Asia-Pacific’s energy challenge in a sustainable manner from one generation to the next.


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Austin R. Bryan

Senior Director, Innovation

Dr. Saraansh Dave

Director, New Business Development

Sindy Tse

Ecosystem Manager, Innovation

Energias de Portugal (EDP)

EDP aims at leading the energy transition to create superior value. The EDP Group produces, distributes and generates power to around 12 million customers. With 27GW of power production capacity of which around 75% are wind, solar and hydro, EDP is the 4th largest wind power producer in the world. Active in 18 countries including USA, Brazil, Spain, Portugal and the UK, EDP bets in Open Innovation through a combination of Corporate VC, Startup Engagement, Intrapreneurship and hands on project collaboration.


Click here to find EDP’s utility overview deck and learn about EDP’s strategic challenges, focus areas and priorities.

Luis Manuel

Executive Board Member, EDP Innovation


E.ON is an international investor-owned energy company, which focuses on energy networks and customer solutions. As one of Europe’s largest energy companies, E.ON plays a leading role in shaping a clean, digital, decentralized world of energy. To this end, more than 75,000 employees develop and sell products and solutions for private, commercial and industrial customers as well as for cities and municipalities. Around 50 million customers purchase electricity, gas, digital products or solutions for electric mobility, energy efficiency and climate protection from E.ON. E.ON is headquartered in Essen, Germany.

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Thomas Birr

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, E.ON

Stefan Padberg

Managing Director, E.ON Innovation Co-investments Inc

Electricity Supply Board (ESB)

ESB is Ireland’s leading energy company, operating across the full spectrum of the electricity market: from generation, through transmission and distribution to supply. In addition, ESB extracts further value at certain points along this chain: supplying gas, using our networks to carry fibre for telecommunications, developing electric vehicle public charging infrastructure and an international consultancy arm which has worked in 120 countries globally.


Click here to find ESB’s utility overview deck and learn about ESB’s strategic challenges, focus areas and priorities.

Jerry O'Sullivan

ESB Deputy Chief Executive

John McKiernan

Head of Innovation Pipeline

Origin Energy

Origin is a leading Australian integrated energy solutions provider with 4.2 million customers, a generation portfolio of 7,200 MW and natural gas production. The energy markets around the world are rapidly transforming and Australia is no exception. The continued penetration of distributed assets, combined with the rise of IoT devices, are changing the way our customers use energy and the way energy will flow and be balanced in the future. Origin believes significant opportunity exists in the transformative impact of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation on the energy sector and our strategy positions us to be at the forefront of this transition as we connect customers to the energy and technologies of the future.


Click here to find Origin’s utility overview deck and learn about Origin’s strategic challenges, focus areas and priorities.

Joanna Nelson

General Manager, Portfolio Delivery

Dr. Cameron Briggs

Head of Future Energy

Anthony Lucas

Executive General Manager, Future Energy and Technology

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Manuel Tânger

Co-Founder, Head of Open Innovation

André Gonçalves

Open Innovation Program Director